We roll to you by

We come with our e-bikes to visit you, if you have a muse, desire and time to be present in our models in a small group of 4 and they are interested in connecting for yourself. Please contact us if you would like to schedule an appointment. We will respond quickly and flexibly and will allow the small group as an organizer with the purchase of your e-bikes special conditions! to contact us

Test drive:

With your newly adjusted bike we kindly ask you to take a test drive.
In addition to the results of surveying technology and our experience
must ride with their personal choice to be included in the wheel!
After the test drive we're interviewing to the wheel
Based on your statements, we can set the detailed settings.
Individual requests to the handlebars, saddle, suspension settings or pedal system should be considered.

For small children and the parking is optimal,
shaky first round may be held without disturbing the traffic!

Pickup and delivery service by arrangement
Security - Check:

We do not sell bikes out of the box! All of our bikes are professionally assembled and tested. Here everything is checked in the sense of a complete inspection.

Bicycle literature:

Here you will find a wide selection of literature bike, cycling maps and illustrated books for cycling in Mallorca.

Always a good gift idea

Cycling holidays:

We are happy to provide you with e-bike tours organized in Mallorca

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