Minimum effort - Maximum pleasure

Be enchanted by the beauty of the holiday island of Majorca!
The E-bike, for example, gives you the possibility to visit the unique monastery Cura on the Randa - Mountain near Llucmajor, any typical majorcan farmer's market, the idyllic fishing villages, the enchanting ports, the historic old town of Palma and the wonderful view from the Cap Blanc on the nearby island " La Cabrera ".

Enjoy swimming breaks in hidden bays, follow the bike path along old stone walls by almond groves and vast orchards.
E-Bike - a bike with pedal assistance - means that the electric motor assists you when entered into the pedals. This means you are not dependent on the car and can get to know Majorca environmentally from a new perspective.


You will reach easily the destination even with violent winds and elevations. You feel a new sense of fitness and exercise has a positive impact on your hindges. In the fresh air your immune system will be strengthened. The risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease decreases.


The gentle electric motor of an E-Bikes multiplies your own strength. Simply brilliant: Just press a button and off you go to a pleasurable tour of the island. Just order your electric bike at Mallorca - e - bikes or ask your hotel reception to contact us. The engine supports stepping up. 25 km / h. You can use the e-bike as a normal bike, without registration and driving license.

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